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Send email to any email account from localhost xampp and using php.

Most of the web projects have the email sending functionality. Before uploading to the live server email functionality need to be checked on the local server. But PHP mail() function will not work at the localhost. In this article, we’ll show how you can send email from localhost in PHP. Using this simple PHP script you can send email from any localhost server, like XAMPP, WAMP, or any others.

To using Gmail SMTP server, you should need to change account access for less secure apps. Don’t worry! Just follow the below steps.

Some Changes From php.ini and gmail.ini file.

  • gmail.ini file.

  • line no 14.

  • line no 18. smtp_port=587

  • line no 26. smtp_ssl=tls

  • line no 37. error_logfile.error.log remove semicolon ;

  • line no 42. debug_logfile.debug.log remove semicolan ;

  • line no 46. auth_username= //enter your email id

  • line no 47. auth_passwprd= password. //enter your proper password

  • line no 60. force_sender = //Same email

  • php.ini file changes

  • line no 1065. ; SMTP=localhost add semicolan;

  • line no 1067. ; smtp_port=25 add semicolan;

  • line no 1075. sendmail_path = c:\xampp\sendmail\sendmail.exe

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